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"Melusine on a Saturday Night" is among my newest stories to be published. It's online in The Griffin and I offer the full story here on my website. … [Read More...]

Love, Poetry, Storytelling and the Chase ―Now in Paperback

The Stag of Love is a book about erotic metaphors that grew from the aggressive, unrelenting chase for wild creatures. Literally, the chase was a … [Read More...]

“The Birthday Surprise”

My newest story, a flash fiction titled “The Birthday Surprise” is published in KEEPING THE EDGE: AN ANTHOLOGY OF NEW URBAN FICTION (Glasgow, April … [Read More...]

Fifteen Shades of Noir

"Timetable for Crime" is my latest story, in the just-published Grand Central Noir, a collection of crime fiction celebrating a century of Grand … [Read More...]

Shakespeare’s Vervy Vienna

Why is Sister Isabella angry? Because she's made it clear that she will NOT sleep with repulsive hypocrite Angelo just to save her brother's life. But … [Read More...]

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